A Pair of Victorian Silver Epergnes Birmingham 1881 by Thomas White

A Pair of Victorian Silver Epergnes Birmingham 1881
An exceptional pair of silver table epergnes on shaped oval bases with an arbour in which a swing is suspended with a young girl on the seat, surmounted by oval glass dishes.  The wooden arbour is decorated with a twining and fruiting vine. The bottom of the base is encircled by twining vine branches. The girls swing at the slightest touch and remain in movement for several minutes. One of the girls is made so that her foot is only just above the mirror plateau and the other girl is made with her legs higher up.
All  the parts are clearly marked for Birmingham 1881 by Thomas White.
All the parts are made of solid cast silver. The girls are marked with a makers mark and the three sections of twining branches at the base separately marked with the makers mark and the date letter.  These can be removed for easier cleaning via three nuts to the underside .The base is marked in two places. One for the base with its bun feet and the other mark for the mirror plateau and it's cast silver arbour.
 This really is an absolutely delightful pair of epergnes. Highly unusual and probably quite rare. There are absolutely no signs of any damage or repair and all the parts are of exceptionally high quality. The cut glass dishes are in perfect order with no chips, no cracks, and no damage at all. One dish is of a slightly darker coloured glass.
Width of base: 6.25 inches
Height: 9.25 inches
Length of bowl: 9.75 inches
Width of bowl: 7.25 inches
Weight: 1805g or 63.6 oz.


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