A Superb George III 12 Place Silver Canteen by Paul Storr


A superb 12 place silver canteen by Paul Storr. Double struck with the lovely fiddle, thread & shell pattern with diamond and shell heel. London 1813/20.

Most engraved with Identical crest to terminals, a few pieces with elegant scrolling initials. (see pictures for details)

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a fantastic 12 place setting canteen by Paul Storr - the most important silversmith of the 19th century. Comprising 12 table forks, 12 table spoons, 12 dessert forks, 12 dessert spoons, 6 teaspoons & 1 basting spoon all by Paul Storr.

All pieces are hallmarked for London by Paul Storr. The dates are 1813 (S), 1814 (T), 1815 (U) 1816 (a) 1817 (b) & 1820 (e).

All the pieces are in very good condition, of excellent gauge and wonderful patina. Some rubbing to the marks.

Complimenting this are 12 table knives which we have selected as a beautiful match. We do have other options in various patterns to suit your requirements, please ask for details.

Paul Storr was the greatest silversmith of the 19th century, and as such his work is highly sought-after and therefore very rare to find. Well proportioned and superbly made, this canteen features as one of the earliest examples of a fiddle thread and shell pattern canteen. A delightful addition to any collection.

Originating in about 1810, the fiddle thread and shell pattern has proved a very popular fiddle pattern and it is still being produced today. Aside from the slight variations found from individual makers die-stamps, there are three design variants: the most common diamond heel; the quite scarce Union shell heel; the rare thread heel.


Canteen comprises

12 table forks - London 1816/17 & 1820 Paul Storr

Length: 20.5cm or 8"

Weight: 1141g or 36.6ozT (40.24oz)

12 dessert forks - London 1813 - 1817 Paul Storr

Length: 16.5cm or 6.5"

Weight: 645g or 20.73ozT (22.75oz)

12 table spoons - London 1814 & 1816/17 Paul Storr

Length: 21.5cm or 8.5"

Weight: 1142g or 36.7ozT (40.28oz)

12 dessert spoons - London 1813/15 Paul Storr

Length: 17.5cm or 7"

Weight: 616g or 19.8ozT (21.7oz)

6 teapoons - London 1817 Paul Storr

Length: 14cm or 5.5"

Weight: 168g or 5.4ozT (5.9oz)

Basting spoon - London 1814/15 Paul Storr

Length: 32cm or 12.5"

Weight: 199g or 6.4ozT (7oz)


Table Knives

6 knives - Sheffield by Charles Needham (georgian)

Length - 28cm or 11" (loaded handles)

Original steel blades by Thorpe, Glossop & Middleton, Sheffield.

6 knives - Sheffield by John Batt (Victorian)

Length - 28cm or 11" (loaded handles)

Original steel blades by William Hutton & Sons, Sheffield.


Total weight of weighable silver

3911g or 126ozT (138oz)

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