A Very Fine Set of Georgian/Victorian Silver Cutlery for Six


Very good part silver table service or canteen for six people in fiddle and thread pattern, consisting of six serving or tablespoons, six  table forks, six dessert forks, six dessert spoons, eight  dinner knives,  six dessert knives, six butter knives, two basting spoons, two ladles, and a soup ladle.

All Made predominantly by George Adams and hallmarked as follows: tablespoons London 1842,  table forks London 1828 by William Chawner,  dessert forks London 1855,  dessert spoons London 1845,  basting spoons London 1845, ladles London 1875,  soup ladle London 1831 by John, Henry and Charles Lias. The dinner and dessert knives have filled silver handles and are marked for Sheffield from the 1990's. They  have stainless steel blades. The butter knives have filled silver handles marked for Sheffield 1932 by Barker Bros. These also have stainless steel blades.
 All the pieces are in superb condition. There is no more than expected wear to any of the pieces and all hallmarks are clear and legible.  All the spoons have good bowls with no misshaping or wear to the tips. Fork tines show some wear,  more so to the dessert forks. Some of the pieces are crested with a lion rampant and some are monogrammed. George Adams worked for the Chawner company as obviously  did William Chawner.  Chawner's was the most important mid 19th century cutlery maker  and all the pieces are made of robust good gauge silver of the highest workmanship. 
Length of tablespoons:22.5 cm
Length of table forks: 20.5 cm
Length of dessert forks: 17.5 cm
Length of dessert spoons:  18 cm
Length of basting spoons: 31 cm
Length of ladles: 18 cm
Length of soup ladle: 35 cm
Length of dinner knives: 24.5 cm
Length of dessert knives: 22 cm 
Length of butter knives: 16.5 cm
Weight of table spoons: 564g or 19.8 oz
Weight of table forks: 519g or 18.31 oz
Weight of dessert forks:337g or 11.8 oz
Weight of dessert spoons: 343g or 12.1 oz
Weight of basting spoons: 332g or 11.7 oz
Weight of ladles: 125g or 4.4 oz
Weight of soup ladle: 266g or 9.3 oz 
Total silver weight: 2486 g or 87.6 oz

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