A Very Fine Set of Victorian Silver Kings Pattern Cutlery, Francis Higgins London 1895

An extremely good set of Kings pattern Victorian silver tableware for six people consisting of six dinner or table forks, six dessert forks, six dessert spoons, six serving or tablespoons, two sauce ladles, six teaspoons and six table knives.
 The majority of the pieces marked for London 1895 by Francis Higgins. The table forks also by Francis Higgins are marked for London 1881 and the teaspoons are marked for Newcastle 1852 by John Walton. The silver handled knives are marked for Sheffield by Alexander Hunt with no date letter.  He worked from 1830 on.
 All the pieces are in extremely good original condition. The fork tines are sharp and even, the spoons with little wear. The silver handled knives in very good condition, the hallmarks are clear and the blades are very good. Minor expected wear throughout but no damage or repairs to any of the pieces.
Weight excluding knives: 2332g or 82.3 ounces or 75 ounces Troy.

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