A Set of Eight Silver Fruit/Dessert Knives and Forks Sheffield 1868 by Thomas Sansom


 A very good set of Victorian silver fruit or dessert  knives and forks for eight people.   Each knife blade and each fork engraved with the thistle and the rose. This is probably in reference to the famous Scottish poem.  The filled silver handled knives and forks each have a crest of a thistle emerging from the ground to the finials.

 All the knives and all the forks are identically marked for Sheffield 1868 by Thomas Sansom.
 These are an exceptionally attractive set of dessert cutlery.  All the pieces are in exceptionally good order with only very minor signs of wear to the handles. All the hallmarks are clear.   Very finely executed engraving to both the forks and the knife blades still has very clear definition and is in no way worn. Handles all firm in each piece.
Length of knives: 8 inches or 20.5 cm
Length of forks: 6.6 inches or 17 cm

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