A Very Good Set of Victorian/Georgian Tableware for Eight London 1828/1859 by William Eaton


 Very fine silver table setting for eight people consisting of six serving spoons, eight table forks,  eight dessert spoons, eight dessert forks in fiddle and shell pattern. All the pieces crested with a lion rampant holding a wreath. The tablespoons are engraved with a capital H.

The table forks are hallmarked for London by William Eaton  and SW. 1828/1859.
The serving spoons are hallmarked for Sheffield 1921 by BRS.
The dessert forks the hallmarked for London 1859 by SW.
The dessert spoons are hallmarked for London 1828/1859 by William Eaton and SW.
All the pieces are in superb condition with no wear and excellent appearance. The crest is clear and unworn.
Length of table forks: 8 inches or 21 cm 
Length of  tablespoons: 9 inches or 23cm
Length of dessert spoons: 6.75 inches or 17 cm
Length of dessert forks: 7 inches or 17.75 cm
Weight of tablespoons: 445g or 15.7oz.
Weight of table forks: 635g or 22.4oz.
Weight of dessert spoons: 362g or 12.8oz.
Weight of dessert forks: 423g or 14.9oz.
Total weight of all pieces: 1867g or 65.9oz.

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