A Very Good Victorian King's Pattern Silver Service/Canteen for 12 London 1895 by George Lambert and Co.


A very fine Late Victorian silver double struck King's Pattern service with shell and diamond heels. A table setting for twelve people consisting of twelve of the following: table/serving spoons, table forks, dessert forks, dessert spoons and teaspoons.

There are three sauce ladles, two large basting spoons and a soup ladle. There are twelve dinner knives and twelve dessert knives with stainless steel blades and filled silver handles.
All the pieces are marked for London 1895 by George Lambert and Co. One of the desert spoons is marked London 1863 by Thomas Smily. The knives are modern by J.B.C  and S. and marked for Sheffield 1971.
All the pieces are in first class order with no damage or repair. All the decoration is crisp and none of the pieces has anything other than very minor wear. Some pieces are crested to the reverse with a small K others with armorials/monograms. A very fine set of silver cutlery.
Length of Serving spoons: 22.5cm
Length of Table forks: 21.5cm
Length of Dessert forks: 18cm
Length of Dessert spoons: 18.5cm
Length of Teaspoons: 15cm
Length of Basting spoons: 31.5cm
Length of Sauce ladles: 17.5cm
Length of Soup Ladle:   35cm
Weight of Serving spoons: 1253g or 44.2 oz
Weight of Table forks: 1223g or 43.1 oz
Weight of Dessert forks: 761g or 26.8 oz
Weight of Dessert spoons: 775g or 27.3 oz
Weight of Teaspoons: 448g or 15.8 oz
Weight of Basting spoons: 444g or 15.7 oz
Weight of Sauce ladles: 145g or 5.2 oz
Weight of Soup Ladle:  319g or 11.3 oz
Total weighable silver: 5368g or 189.35 oz

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