An Exceptional Set of Four Silver Candlesticks London 1757 by William Cafe


An extremely fine set of cast Silver candlesticks of petal form decoration rising from a stepped, hexagonal rope twist decorated base to a tapered fluted column beneath a hexagonal knop. The capitals of cotton reel form with rope twist decoration. Conforming removable sconces.
Clearly marked to the underside for London 1757 by William Cafe. The capitals marked with a lion passant. The sconces marked with the lion passant and maker’s mark. Furthermore each stick is marked 1,2,3 or 4 to the underside and each sconce is also engraved with the corresponding number. The original scratch weight is also inscribed to the bottom of each.
 All four candlesticks are in absolutely excellent undamaged and unrepaired original condition. Rope twist decoration is still crisp as are the fluted knops and the column and petal decoration to base. All four  stand true on a flat surface, with a fractional wobble to one, and are completely upright. The hallmarks are all very clear to each stick and the capitals each have one, two, three, or  four marks to the inside rim and the sconces have conforming marks.
 These candlesticks are really of the very highest quality and unusual to find in such superb order. Clearly these were made as a complete numbered set which is rare to find. William Cafe was a specialist maker of candlesticks. Of wonderful colour and patina.
Height: 24cm 9.5 inches 
Bases: 14cm or 5.5 inches at widest
Weight: 2512g or 88.6 oz or 80.8 ounces Troy

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