YSL Interest: A set of four cast George II Silver Rococo Candlesticks, London 1757 by John Perry


This beautiful set of four cast George II silver candlesticks are designed in the Rococo style and came from the personal collection of Yves Saint-Laurent & Pierre Bergé.

Each with shaped, circular base with cast shell and floral decoration. The decoration continues up the fluted column, rising above a circular knop to a shaped knop with conforming pattern to match the base. The capitals with matching shell and floral decoration. The circular sconces have a cast shell and floral decorative band which replicates the design on the base.

All identically hallmarked for London 1756/7, however we can narrow the date down to within a couple of months as his mark was not registered until the 23rd March 1757, meaning these candlesticks were made between 23rd March 1757 & 28th May 1757. Made by the specialist candlestick maker John Perry. The sconces are marked with the Lion Passant and John Perry’s maker’s mark.

These candlesticks are in superb condition, with no repairs or damage, all stand true on a flat surface. The expertly cast Rococo decoration is exceptional in its elegance beauty and charm, retaining the crisp details. These candlesticks are of a good thick gauge and display the beautiful lustre found on fine eighteenth century silver.

This is a unique opportunity to own a set of 4 candlesticks that were in the personal collection of Yves Saint Laurent & Pierre Bergé. Candlesticks of this quality are few and far between, most being held in private collections or museums.

Diameter of base: 15.5cm or 6 inches

Diameter of Sconce: 7cm or 2 ¾ inches

Height: 27cm or 10 ½ inches

Weight: 3097g or 99.57 ozT or 109.24 oz


Personal collection Yves Saint-Laurent & Pierre Bergé.

Sold at Sotheby’s Pierre Bergé estate sale 2018 to a private collection.

John Perry:

Apprenticed to the specialist candlestick maker John Cafe and then William Cafe, John Perry entered his first mark on 23rd March 1757.

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